33rd Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

We have decided to go ahead with a modified Endless Summer.  We have moved the event date from the weekend of October 2-4 to the following weekend October 9-11.


The usual fanfare, sailing competition, food, beverages, et al will not take place.  We will, however, sell shirts - rash guards in men's (scoop neck) and a ladies' (V-neck) in the various sizes.  Both COABI and the Yacht Club are also "leaning in" with their support of the shirt sale.

Shirts are for sale NOW and continue to be through Thursday, October 1st.  Shirts are pre-order only.  We will not be printing extra shirts, so if you want one, the time to order is during this pre-sale period.  Shirts are $20.00 each online, either style.

Shirts can be picked up on Saturday, October 10th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Apalachee Bay Volunteer Fire Department in Shell Point.   A card for Mike Boll will be available for all to sign to help encourage Mike and let him know we are thinking about him (bring your own pen).

You can also be a "Ghost Rider" by further supporting this traditional club fundraiser.  Select the "Ghost Rider:" button to donate.


About our Endless Summer Event . . .

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, held in the fall, is a don't miss for the serious racer. The event generally begins with a welcome party on the beach, with hot buffalo wings served up in the evening, washed down with cold beverages. Camping and motel rooms are available but reservations for both are recommended. On-site registration is Saturday morning, which includes customized t-shirts by Homestead Handcrafts, course and long distance racing, trophies 3-deep, and dinner and entertainment Saturday night. The SPSC sponsorship committee ensures that everyone goes home with great door prizes, generously donated by windsurfing retailers and manufacturers.

Our idea came from "The Endless Summer", a seminal surf movie released in 1966, after a limited showing in 1964.

They call it The Endless Summer the ultimate surfing adventure, crossing the globe in search of the perfect wave. From the uncharted waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, to the tropical paradise of Tahiti and beyond, these California surfers accomplish in a few months what most people never do in a lifetime...They live their dream. Director Bruce Brown creates a film so powerful it has become a timeless masterpiece that continues to capture the imagination of every new generation. When it first played in theaters, audiences lined up to see it again and again, spellbound by its thrilling excitement and awesome photography. But in fact, what's most compelling about the film is the sport of surfing itself, and once you've seen it, you'll never forget why.