Shell Point Sailboard Club

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Newsletter Posted September 12,  2022


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Monthly Club Meeting

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Monthly club meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday every month, except December.  Come early to meet and greet your SPSC members.  Meetings starts at 7:30pm. We are in a meeting room at District 850, 2662 Fleischman Way, Tallahassee, FL.


35th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

October 7 - 9, 2022

Notice of Race

"The best club around. The most talented, creative, encouraging people who like to have fun and know how to have fun. Sailboarding is only part of what you get when join. Learn how to windsurf yes! Get to have a whole lotta fun when you participate in all the other events - heck yeah" ~ Rose Lane


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Learn more about the club, monthly club meeting, officers and board members, annual events and awards and more.  We have included information on where to sail, beach water quality, beach conditions reporting system, road trips, and other clubs, shops and businesses.